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Pronunciation of Divert: Learn how to pronounce Divert in English correctly

Learn how to say Divert correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word divert:

[with object]
1cause (someone or something) to change course or turn from one direction to another:
a scheme to divert water from the river to irrigate agricultural land
[no object] (of a vehicle or person) change course:
an aircraft has diverted and will be with you shortly
reallocate (money or resources) to a different purpose:
more of their advertising budget was diverted into promotions
2distract (someone) from something:
she managed to divert Rose from the dangerous topic of Lady Usk
(usually as adjective diverting) draw the attention of (someone) away from tedious or serious concerns; entertain or amuse:
a diverting book