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Pronunciation of Diverge: Learn how to pronounce Diverge in English correctly

Learn how to say Diverge correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word diverge:

[no object]
1(of a road, route, or line) separate from another route and go in a different direction:
the flight path diverged from the original flight plan
their ways had diverged at university
(of an opinion, theory, or approach) differ:
the coverage by the columnists diverged from that in the main news stories
(as adjective diverging)
diverging concepts of nation-building
(diverge from) depart from (a set course or standard):
suddenly he diverged from his text
develop in a different direction:
English Gothic architecture began to diverge from that on the Continent
2 Mathematics (of a series) increase indefinitely as more of its terms are added.
mid 17th century: from medieval Latin divergere, from Latin dis- ‘in two ways’ + vergere ‘to turn or incline’