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Pronunciation of Dive: Learn how to pronounce Dive in English correctly

Learn how to say Dive correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dive:

verb (past and past participle dived; US also dove /dəʊv/)
[no object]
1 [with adverbial of direction] plunge head first into water with one’s arms raised over one’s head:
she walked to the deep end, then she dived in
he dived off the bridge for a bet
(of a fish or submarine) go to a deeper level in water:
the fish dive down to about 1,400 feet
swim under water using breathing equipment:
he had been diving in the area to test equipment
2(of an aircraft or bird) plunge steeply downwards through the air:
arctic skuas which dive at your head as you walk near their territories
move quickly or suddenly in a specified direction:
a bullet passed close to his head and he dived for cover
(as adjective diving)
he scored with a diving header
(of prices or profits) drop suddenly:
profits before tax dived by 61 per cent
informal put one’s hand quickly into a pocket or bag in order to find something:
she dived into her bag and extracted a card
Soccer (of a player) deliberately fall when challenged in order to deceive the referee into awarding a foul:
Stein was booked for diving
1a plunge head first into water:
he hit the sea in a shallow dive
an instance of swimming or going deeper under water:
divers should have a good intake of fluid before each dive
2a steep descent by an aircraft or bird:
the jumbo jet went into a dive
a sudden movement in a specified direction:
she made a dive for the fridge to quench her thirst
a sudden marked fall in prices or profits:
an 11 per cent dive in profits
Soccer a deliberate fall by a player, intended to deceive the referee into awarding a foul.
3 informal a disreputable nightclub or bar:
he got into a fight in some dive