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Pronunciation of Disc: Learn how to pronounce Disc in English correctly

Learn how to say Disc correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word disc:

1a flat, thin circular object:
coins were made by striking a blank disc of metal
a man’s body with an identity disc around the neck
(disk) an information storage device for a computer in the shape of a round flat plate which can be rotated to give access to all parts of the surface. The data may be stored either magnetically (in a magnetic disk) or optically (in an optical disk such as a CD-ROM).
a CD or record.
(discs) one of the suits in some tarot packs, corresponding to coins in others.
2an object or part resembling a disc in shape or appearance:
the smudged yellow disc of the moon
(also intervertebral disc) a layer of cartilage separating adjacent vertebrae in the spine:
he suffered a prolapsed disc
Botany the central part of the flower of a daisy or other composite plant, consisting of a close-packed cluster of tubular florets.

mid 17th century (originally referring to the seemingly flat circular form of the sun or moon): from French disque or Latin discus (see discus)