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Pronunciation of Dimming: Learn how to pronounce Dimming in English correctly

Learn how to say Dimming correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dim:

adjective (dimmer, dimmest)
1(of a light, colour, or illuminated object) not shining brightly or clearly:
the dim glow of the fire
(of an object or shape) made difficult to see by darkness, shade, or distance:
a dim figure in the dark kitchen
(of a room or other space) made difficult to see in by darkness:
long dim corridors
(of the eyes) unable to see clearly:
his eyes became dim
(of a sound) indistinct or muffled:
the dim drone of their voices
not clearly recalled or formulated in the mind:
dim memories
the matter was in the dim and distant past
2(of a situation) not giving cause for hope or optimism:
their prospects for the future looked fairly dim
3 informal stupid or slow to understand:
you’re just incredibly dim
verb (dims, dimming, dimmed)
make or become less bright or distinct:
[with object]:
a smoky inferno that dimmed the sun
[no object]:
the lights dimmed and the curtains parted
[with object] lower the beam of (a vehicle’s headlights) to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers:
(as adjective dimmed)
the car moved slowly, its headlights dimmed
make or become less intense:
[with object]:
the difficulty in sleeping couldn’t dim her happiness
make or become less able to see clearly:
[no object]:
his eyes dimmed