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Pronunciation of Dime: Learn how to pronounce Dime in English correctly

Learn how to say Dime correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dime:

North American
a ten-cent coin.
informal a small amount of money:
he didn’t have a dime
a dime a dozen
informal very common and of no particular value:
experts in this field are a dime a dozen
drop a (or the) dime on someone
informal inform on someone.
get off the dime
informal be decisive and show initiative.
on a dime
informal used to refer to a manoeuvre that can be performed within a small area or short distance:
boats that can turn on a dime
late Middle English: from Old French disme, from Latin decima pars ‘tenth part’. The word originally denoted a tithe or tenth part; the modern sense ‘ten cent coin’ dates from the late 18th century