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Pronunciation of Differentiate: Learn how to pronounce Differentiate in English correctly

Learn how to say Differentiate correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word differentiate:

[with object]
1recognize or ascertain what makes (someone or something) different:
children can differentiate the past from the present
[no object] (differentiate between) identify differences between (two or more things or people):
he is unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality
make (someone or something) appear different or distinct:
little now differentiates the firm’s products from its rivals
2 technical make or become different in the process of growth or development:
[with object]:
the receptors are developed and differentiated into sense organs
[no object]:
the cells differentiate into a wide variety of cell types
3 Mathematics transform (a function) into its derivative.
early 19th century: from medieval Latin differentiat- ‘carried away from’, from the verb differentiare, from differentia (see differentia)