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Pronunciation of Different From: Learn how to pronounce Different From in English correctly

Learn how to say Different From correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word different:

1not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality:
you can play this game in different ways
the car’s different from anything else on the market
informal novel and unusual:
try something deliciously different
2distinct; separate:
on two different occasions

different strokes for different folks

proverb different things appeal to different people.




late Middle English: via Old French from Latin different- ‘carrying away, differing’, from the verb differre (see differ)

Different from, different than, and different to: are there any distinctions between these three constructions, and is one more correct than the others? In practice, different from is both the most common structure, both in British and US English, and the most accepted. Different than is used chiefly in North America, although its use is increasing in British English. It has the advantage that it can be followed by a clause, and so is sometimes more concise than different from: compare
things are definitely different than they were one year ago
things are definitely different from the way they were one year ago
. Different to is common in Britain, but is disliked by traditionalists. The argument against it is based on the relation of different to differ, which is used with from; but this is a flawed argument which is contradicted by other pairs of words such as accord (with) and according (to).