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Pronunciation of Defying: Learn how to pronounce Defying in English correctly

Learn how to say Defying correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word defy:

verb (defies, defying, defied)
1 [with object] openly resist or refuse to obey:
a woman who defies convention
be of such a kind or nature that (a specified attitude or action) is almost impossible:
his actions defy belief
the outfit defied adequate description
2 [with object and infinitive] appear to be challenging (someone) to do or prove something:
he glowered at her, defying her to mock him
archaic challenge (someone) to fight:
go now, defy him to the combat



Middle English (in the senses ‘renounce an allegiance’ and ‘challenge to combat’): from Old French desfier, based on Latin dis- (expressing reversal) + fidus ‘faithful’

Spelling rule

If a word ends in a consonant plus -y, change the -y to an -i before adding any ending (unless the ending already begins with an -i): (defies, defying, defied).