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Pronunciation of Deflation: Learn how to pronounce Deflation in English correctly

Learn how to say Deflation correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word deflate:

[with object]
1let air or gas out of (a tyre, balloon, or similar object):
he deflated one of the tyres
[no object] be emptied of air or gas:
the balloon deflated
2make (someone) suddenly lose confidence or feel dispirited:
(as adjective deflated)
the news left him feeling utterly deflated
reduce the level of (an emotion or feeling):
her anger was deflated
3 Economics bring about a general reduction of price levels in (an economy):
the budget deflated the economy
[no object]:
the government deflated sharply in 1964
late 19th century: from de- (expressing reversal) + -flate (as in inflate)