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Pronunciation of Decoys: Learn how to pronounce Decoys in English correctly

Learn how to say Decoys correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word decoy:

Pronunciation: /ˈdiːkɔɪ, dɪˈkɔɪ/
1a bird or mammal, or an imitation of one, used by hunters to attract other birds or mammals:
[as modifier]:
a decoy duck
a person or thing used to mislead or lure someone into a trap:
we need a decoy to distract their attention
2a pond from which narrow netted channels lead, into which wild duck may be enticed for capture.
Pronunciation: /dɪˈkɔɪ, ˈdiːkɔɪ/ [with object and adverbial of direction]
lure or entice (a person or animal) away from their intended course, typically into a trap:
they would try to decoy the enemy towards the hidden group

mid 16th century (earlier as coy): from Dutch de kooi ‘the decoy’, from Middle Dutch de kouw ‘the cage’, from Latin cavea ‘cage’. decoy (sense 2 of the noun) is from the practice of using tamed ducks to lead wild ones along channels into captivity