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Pronunciation of Decay: Learn how to pronounce Decay in English correctly

Learn how to say Decay correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word decay:

[no object]
(of organic matter) rot or decompose through the action of bacteria and fungi:
the body had begun to decay
(as adjective decayed)
decayed animal and plant matter
(as adjective decaying)
the odour of decaying fish
[with object] cause to rot or decompose:
the fungus will decay soft timber
fall into disrepair; deteriorate:
facilities decay when money is not spent on refurbishment
decline in quality, power, or vigour:
the moral authority of the party was decaying
Physics (of a radioactive substance, particle, etc.) undergo change to a different form by emitting radiation:
the trapped radiocarbon begins to decay at a known rate
the W-particle then decays into an electron and a neutrino
technical (of a physical quantity) undergo a gradual decrease:
the time taken for the current to decay to zero
[mass noun]
the state or process of rotting or decomposition:
hardwood is more resistant to decay than softwood
tooth decay
rotten matter or tissue:
fluoride heals small spots of decay
structural or physical deterioration:
the old barn rapidly fell into decay
the process of declining in quality, power, or vigour:
the problems of urban decay
Physics the change of a radioactive substance, particle, etc. into another by the emission of radiation:
the gas radon is produced by the decay of uranium in rocks and soil
[count noun]:
he developed a detector for decays of carbon-14
technical gradual decrease in the magnitude of a physical quantity:
the required time constant for current decay is 1 ms
late Middle English: from Old French decair, based on Latin decidere ‘fall down or off’, from de- ‘from’ + cadere ‘fall’