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Pronunciation of Dead: Learn how to pronounce Dead in English correctly

Learn how to say Dead correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word dead:

1no longer alive:
a dead body
[as complement]:
he was shot dead by terrorists
(as plural noun the dead)
there was no time to bury the dead with decency
(of a part of the body) having lost sensation; numb:
I severed nerves in my leg so part of my foot is dead
lacking emotion, sympathy, or sensitivity:
a cold, dead voice
no longer current, relevant, or important:
pollution had become a dead issue
devoid of living things:
a dead planet
(of a place or time) characterized by a lack of activity or excitement:
Brussels isn’t dead after dark, if you know where to look
(of money) not financially productive:
far from being dead money, it is available to be spent or invested
(of sound) without resonance; dull:
the earth hit the coffin with a peculiarly dead sound
(of a colour) not glossy or bright:
a matte, dead black
(of a piece of equipment) no longer functioning:
the phone had gone dead
(of an electric circuit or conductor) carrying or transmitting no current:
the batteries are dead
no longer alight:
the fire had been dead for some days
(of a glass or bottle) empty or no longer being used:
they got all the dead glasses and put them on the table
(of the ball in a game) out of play:
the ball had gone dead
See also dead ball.
(of a cricket pitch or other surface) lacking springiness or bounce:
the pitch was so utterly dead that Pollock could hardly get the ball bail-high
2 [attributive] complete; absolute:
we sat in dead silence
[often as submodifier]
absolutely; completely:
you’re dead right
he was dead against the idea
they arrived dead on time
straight; directly:
red flares were seen dead ahead
British informal very:
omelettes are dead easy to prepare