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Pronunciation of Cylinder: Learn how to pronounce Cylinder in English correctly

Learn how to say Cylinder correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cylinder:

in geometry, a solid figure consisting of two parallel bases in the form of congruent, closed curves joined by a smooth, continuous, closed surface; specif., such a figure (right circular cylinder) having circular bases and a surface perpendicular to the bases
the surface of such a solid
anything having the shape of a cylinder, whether hollow or solid (; specif.,)
the turning part of a revolver, containing chambers for cartridges
the chamber in which the piston moves in a reciprocating engine
the barrel of a pump
on a printing press, a roller carrying the printing plates or the part receiving the impression
a large, hollow, cylindrical clay object with cuneiform inscriptions, or a similar small stone worn on the wrist in ancient times in the Middle East