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Pronunciation of Cycle: Learn how to pronounce Cycle in English correctly

Learn how to say Cycle correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cycle:

a recurring period of time in which certain events or phenomena occur and reach completion or repeat themselves in a regular sequence
a completed series of events that follows or is followed by another series of similar events occurring in the same sequence
the time taken or needed for one such series
a vast period of time; age; aeon
a group of poems or prose narratives forming a continuous story about a central figure or event ⇒ the Arthurian cycle
a series of miracle plays ⇒ the Chester cycle
a group or sequence of songs See song cycle
short for bicycle, tricycle, motorcycle
(astronomy) the orbit of a celestial body
a recurrent series of events or processes in plants and animals ⇒ a life cycle, a growth cycle, a metabolic cycle
(physics) a continuous change or a sequence of changes in the state of a system that leads to the restoration of the system to its original state after a finite period of time
one of a series of repeated changes in the magnitude of a periodically varying quantity, such as current or voltage
a set of operations that can be both treated and repeated as a unit
the time required to complete a set of operations
one oscillation of the regular voltage waveform used to synchronize processes in a digital computer
(in generative grammar) the set of cyclic rules
(transitive) to process through a cycle or system
(intransitive) to move in or pass through cycles
to travel by or ride a bicycle or tricycle