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Pronunciation of Cutouts: Learn how to pronounce Cutouts in English correctly

Learn how to say Cutouts correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cut out:

verb (adverb)
(transitive) to delete or remove
(transitive) to shape or form by cutting ⇒ to cut out a dress
(transitive; usually passive) to suit or equip for ⇒ you’re not cut out for this job
(intransitive) (of an engine, etc) to cease to operate suddenly
(transitive) (printing) to remove the background from a photograph or drawing to make the outline of the subject stand out
(intransitive) (of an electrical device) to switch off, usually automatically
(transitive) (informal) to oust and supplant (a rival)
(intransitive) (of a person) to be excluded from a card game
(transitive) (informal) to cease doing something, esp something undesirable (esp in the phrase cut it out)
(transitive) (soccer) to intercept (a pass)
(transitive) to separate (cattle) from a herd
(intransitive) (Australian & New Zealand) to end or finish ⇒ the road cuts out at the creek
See have one’s work cut out
something that has been or is intended to be cut out from something else
a photograph or drawing from which the background has been cut away
a device that switches off or interrupts an electric circuit, esp a switch acting as a safety device
an impressed stamp cut out from an envelope for collecting purposes
(Australian, slang) the end of shearing