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Pronunciation of Cushions: Learn how to pronounce Cushions in English correctly

Learn how to say Cushions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cushion:

a bag made of cloth, leather, plastic, etc, filled with feathers, air, or other yielding substance, used for sitting on, leaning against, etc
something resembling a cushion in function or appearance, esp one to support or pad or to absorb shock
the resilient felt-covered rim of a billiard table
another name for pillow (sense 2)
short for air cushion
a capital, used in Byzantine, Romanesque, and Norman architecture, in the form of a bowl with a square top
verb (transitive)
to place on or as on a cushion
to provide with cushions
to lessen or suppress the effects of
to protect, esp against hardship or change
to check the motion of (a mechanism) gently, esp by the compression of trapped fluid in a cylinder
to provide with a means of absorbing shock
Derived Forms
ňącushiony adjective
Word Origin
from Latin culcita mattress