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Pronunciation of Cushioning: Learn how to pronounce Cushioning in English correctly

Learn how to say Cushioning correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cushion:

a pillow or soft pad for sitting or kneeling on, or reclining against; specif., a removable one forming part of a sofa, chair, etc.
a thing like a cushion in shape, softness, or use, as a small pillow used in lace-making, padding of various sorts, etc.
a fatty or fibrous padlike part of the body
anything serving to absorb shock, as air or steam in some machines, the elastic inner rim of a billiard table, or a soft, padded insole
anything that moderates an adverse effect, relieves a distressing condition, provides comfort, etc.
transitive verb
to provide with a cushion or cushions
to seat or set on a cushion
to prop up with a cushion or cushions
to hide or suppress, as if under a cushion
to absorb (shock or noise)
to act as a cushion, as in protecting from shock or injury, moderating ill effects, relieving distress, etc. ⇒ the bush cushioned his fall