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Pronunciation of Curveball: Learn how to pronounce Curveball in English correctly

Learn how to say Curveball correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word curveball:

(baseball) curve (sense 6)

(archaic) curved
a line having no straight part; bend having no angular part
a thing or part having the shape of a curve
the act of curving, or the extent of this
([pl.]) the pronounced curving outline of a shapely female figure
(US, baseball) a ball thrown by a right-handed pitcher that curves to the pitcher’s left, or one thrown by a left-handed pitcher that curves to the pitcher’s right
a curved line or similar graphic representation showing variations occurring or expected to occur in prices, business conditions, group achievements, etc.
French curve
(ancient mathematics) a one-dimensional continuum of points in a space of two or more dimensions, such as a parabola in a plane or a helix in three-dimensional space: a straight line or line segment is a type of curve
transitive verb, intransitive verb
Word forms: curved, ╦łcurving
to form a curve by bending
to move in a curved path