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Pronunciation of Cured: Learn how to pronounce Cured in English correctly

Learn how to say Cured correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cure:

a healing or being healed; restoration to health or a sound condition
a medicine or treatment for restoring health; remedy
a system, method, or course of treating a disease, ailment, etc.
spiritual charge of persons in a particular district; care of souls
the work or position of a curate; curacy
a process for curing meat, fish, tobacco, etc.
transitive verb
Word forms: cured, ˈcuring
to restore to health or a sound condition; make well; heal
to get rid of or counteract (an ailment, evil, bad habit, etc.)
to get rid of a harmful or undesirable condition in ((with of)) ⇒ cured him of lying
to preserve (meat, fish, etc.), as by salting or smoking
to process (tobacco, leather, etc.), as by drying or aging
to encourage the proper hardening of (concrete or mortar) by regulating humidity and temperature
intransitive verb
to bring about a cure
to undergo curing, preserving, or processing ⇒ tobacco cures in the sun