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Pronunciation of Cultivating: Learn how to pronounce Cultivating in English correctly

Learn how to say Cultivating correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cultivate:

transitive verb
Word forms: ˈcultiˌvated, ˈcultiˌvating
to prepare and use (soil or land) for growing crops; till
to break up the surface soil around (plants) in order to destroy weeds, prevent crusting, and preserve moisture
to grow (plants, crops, fish, etc.) from seeds, bulbs, shoots, etc.
to improve or develop (plants) by various horticultural techniques
to improve by care, training, or study; refine ⇒ to cultivate one’s mind
to promote the development or growth of; acquire and develop ⇒ to cultivate a taste for music
to seek to develop familiarity with; give one’s attention to; pursue