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Pronunciation of Cultivate: Learn how to pronounce Cultivate in English correctly

Learn how to say Cultivate correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cultivate:

verb (transitive)
to till and prepare (land or soil) for the growth of crops
to plant, tend, harvest, or improve (plants) by labour and skill
to break up (land or soil) with a cultivator or hoe
to improve or foster (the mind, body, etc) as by study, education, or labour
to give special attention to ⇒ to cultivate a friendship, to cultivate a hobby
to give or bring culture to (a person, society, etc); civilize
Word Origin
C17: from Medieval Latin cultivāre to till, from Old French cultiver, from Medieval Latin cultīvus cultivable, from Latin cultus cultivated, from colere to till, toil over