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Pronunciation of Crusts: Learn how to pronounce Crusts in English correctly

Learn how to say Crusts correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Crust:

the hard outer part of bread
a piece of bread consisting mainly of this
the baked shell of a pie, tart, etc
any hard or stiff outer covering or surface ⇒ a crust of ice
the solid outer shell of the earth, with an average thickness of 30–35 km in continental regions and 5 km beneath the oceans, forming the upper part of the lithosphere and lying immediately above the mantle, from which it is separated by the Mohorovičić discontinuity See also sial, sima
the dry covering of a skin sore or lesion; scab
a layer of acid potassium tartrate deposited by some wine, esp port, on the inside of the bottle
the hard outer layer of such organisms as lichens and crustaceans
(slang) impertinence
(British & Australian & New Zealand, slang) a living (esp in the phrase earn a crust)
to cover with or acquire a crust
to form or be formed into a crust
Word Origin
C14: from Latin crūsta hard surface, rind, shell