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Pronunciation of Crushes: Learn how to pronounce Crushes in English correctly

Learn how to say Crushes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crush:

verb (mainly transitive)
to press, mash, or squeeze so as to injure, break, crease, etc
to break or grind (rock, ore, etc) into small particles
to put down or subdue, esp by force ⇒ to crush a rebellion
to extract (juice, water, etc) by pressing ⇒ to crush the juice from a lemon
to oppress harshly
to hug or clasp tightly ⇒ he crushed her to him
to defeat or humiliate utterly, as in argument or by a cruel remark
(intransitive) to crowd; throng
(intransitive) to become injured, broken, or distorted by pressure
a dense crowd, esp at a social occasion
the act of crushing; pressure
a drink or pulp prepared by or as if by crushing fruit ⇒ orange crush
an infatuation ⇒ she had a crush on him
the person with whom one is infatuated
Derived Forms
ˈcrushable adjective
ˌcrushaˈbility noun
ˈcrusher noun
Word Origin
C14: from Old French croissir, of Germanic origin; compare Gothic kriustan to gnash; see crunch