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Pronunciation of Cruises: Learn how to pronounce Cruises in English correctly

Learn how to say Cruises correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cruise:

intransitive verb
Word forms: cruised, ˈcruising
to sail from place to place, as for pleasure or in search of something
to ride about in a similar manner ⇒ a taxi cruises to pick up passengers
(US) to go over a wooded area to estimate its lumber yield
to move at the most efficient speed for sustained travel (said of an aircraft)
to operate at a predetermined speed by use of a regulating mechanism ( cruise control) (said of an automobile)
(US) to go about looking for a sex partner (said esp. of a homosexual)
transitive verb
to sail, journey, or move over or about
(US) to make a cruising trip over (a wooded area)
(US, slang) to approach (a person) or visit (a place) in seeking a sex partner (said esp. of a homosexual)
the action of cruising; esp., a cruising voyage by ship, often, specif., one taken for pleasure on a cruise ship