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Pronunciation of Cruder: Learn how to pronounce Cruder in English correctly

Learn how to say Cruder correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crude:

Word forms: ˈcruder, ˈcrudest
in a raw or natural condition, before being prepared for use; not refined or processed
lacking finish, grace, tact, or taste; uncultured ⇒ crude remark
not carefully made or done; rough ⇒ crude woodwork
stark and bare; undisguised or unadorned ⇒ crude reality
(archaic) not ripe; immature
(statistics) untreated as by analysis, differentiated into groups, etc.
an unrefined or unprocessed substance; specif., crude petroleum
Derived Forms
ˈcrudely adverb
ˈcrudeness noun