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Pronunciation of Crowned: Learn how to pronounce Crowned in English correctly

Learn how to say Crowned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crown:

a garland or wreath worn on the head as a sign of honor, victory, etc.
a reward or honor given for merit; specif., the position or title of a champion in a sport
a circlet or headdress, often of gold and jewels, worn by a monarch as an emblem of sovereignty
([usually C-])
the position, power, or dominion of a monarch
the monarch as head of the state
the government of a nation having a monarch or of a constitutional monarchy
(usually with the)
anything serving to adorn or honor like a crown
the figure of a crown or a thing like a crown as in shape or position
(originally) a coin bearing the figure of a crown
a British coin equal to 25 (new) pence: no longer coined
any of various coins or monetary units whose name means crown see also koruna, krona, krone1
the top part of the skull or head
the top part of a hat
the summit or highest point, as of a mountain or arch
the highest quality, point of development, state, etc. of anything
the enamel-covered part of a tooth, projecting beyond the gum line
an artificial substitute for this, usually of porcelain or gold
the lowest point of an anchor, between the arms