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Pronunciation of Cross: Learn how to pronounce Cross in English correctly

Learn how to say Cross correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cross:

an upright post with a bar across it near the top, to which the ancient Romans fastened convicted persons to die
a representation or figure of a cross, used as a badge, decoration, etc.; also, such a badge, decoration, etc. ⇒ the Distinguished Service Cross
a monument in the form of a cross, or with a cross on it, marking a crossroad, boundary, grave, etc.
a staff with a cross at the top, carried before an archbishop as a sign of his authority
a representation of a cross, in any of various recognized forms, as a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus, hence of the Christian religion
a crucifix
the act of crossing, as from one side of a stage to the other
the act of crossing oneself
any trouble or affliction that one has to bear; also, anything that thwarts or frustrates
any design, mark, or object made by two lines or surfaces that intersect one another
such a mark (X) made as a signature, as by a person who cannot write
a crossing, or mixing, of varieties or breeds; hybridization
the result of such mixing; hybrid
something that combines the qualities of two different things or types
(slang) a dishonest action, fixed contest or match, etc.
(boxing) a blow delivered over and across the opponent’s lead
([C-]) Northern Cross
([C-]) Southern Cross
transitive verb
to make the sign of the cross over or upon
to place across or crosswise ⇒ cross your fingers
to lie or cut across; intersect ⇒ where two streets cross one another
to draw or put a line or lines across ⇒ cross your t’s
to pass over; go from one side to the other of; go across ⇒ to cross the ocean
to carry or lead across
to extend or reach across ⇒ the bridge crosses a river
to meet and pass (each other)
to bring into contact, causing electrical interference ⇒ the wires were crossed
to go counter to; thwart; oppose
to interbreed (animals or plants); breed (an individual of one type) with one of another; hybridize; cross-fertilize
intransitive verb
to lie across; intersect
to go or extend from one side to the other (often with over)
to pass each other while moving in opposite directions
to interbreed; hybridize; cross-fertilize
lying or passing across or through; transverse; crossing or crossed ⇒ cross street, cross ventilation
going counter; contrary; opposed ⇒ at cross purposes
irritated or irritable; ill-tempered
involving reciprocal actions, etc.
of mixed variety or breed; hybrid; crossbred
(archaic) causing harm; unfavorable