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Pronunciation of Crooks: Learn how to pronounce Crooks in English correctly

Learn how to say Crooks correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crook:

a curved or hooked thing
a staff with a hooked end, such as a bishop’s crosier or shepherd’s staff
a turn or curve; bend
(informal) a dishonest person, esp a swindler or thief
the act or an instance of crooking or bending
Also called: shank. a piece of tubing added to a brass instrument in order to obtain a lower harmonic series
to bend or curve or cause to bend or curve
(Australian & New Zealand, informal)
of poor quality
unpleasant; bad
See go crook
See go crook at
Word Origin
C12: from Old Norse krokr hook; related to Swedish krok, Danish krog hook, Old High German krācho hooked tool