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Pronunciation of Croak: Learn how to pronounce Croak in English correctly

Learn how to say Croak correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word croak:

a characteristic deep hoarse sound made by a frog or a crow:
a female frog can pick out a mate’s voice from a cacophony of croaks
a sound resembling a croak:
Lorton tried to laugh—it came out as a croak
[no object]
1(of a frog or crow) make a characteristic deep hoarse sound:
the frogs settled in the shade, croaking happily
(of a person) make a sound similar to a croak when speaking or laughing:
[with direct speech]:
‘Thank you,’ I croaked
archaic prophesy evil or misfortune, especially unjustifiably and to the irritation of others:
without croaking, it may be observed that our government is upon a dangerous experiment
2 informal die:
the dog finally croaked in 1987
[with object] kill (someone):
there are a few people down there who’d like to croak him

Middle English (as a verb): imitative