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Pronunciation of Critically: Learn how to pronounce Critically in English correctly

Learn how to say Critically correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word critically:

vitally; to an important degree ⇒ Economic prosperity depends critically on an open world trading system.
not approvingly ⇒ He spoke critically of their beliefs.
with close, critical attention ⇒ Wyman watched them critically.
(medicine) very seriously ⇒ She knew her mother was sick but not critically. ⇒ A youth was killed and another critically injured.
critically ill in danger of dying ⇒ She was critically ill.
urgently; dangerously ⇒ Moscow is running critically low on food supplies.
a critically endangered species a species threatened with extinction
analytically ⇒ He can think critically and constructively.
(media) by arts critics