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Pronunciation of Cries: Learn how to pronounce Cries in English correctly

Learn how to say Cries correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cries:

3rd person singular present tense of verb
of cry

Word forms: cries, crying, cried
(intransitive) to utter inarticulate sounds, esp when weeping; sob
(intransitive) to shed tears; weep
(intransitive) usually foll by out to scream or shout in pain, terror, etc
(transitive) often foll by out to utter or shout (words of appeal, exclamation, fear, etc)
(intransitive) often foll by out (of animals, birds, etc) to utter loud characteristic sounds
(transitive) to hawk or sell by public announcement ⇒ to cry newspapers
to announce (something) publicly or in the streets
(intransitive) foll by for to clamour or beg
(Scottish) to call
See cry for the moon
See cry one’s eyes out
See cry quits
Word forms: plural cries
the act or sound of crying; a shout, exclamation, scream, or wail
the characteristic utterance of an animal or bird ⇒ the cry of gulls
(Scottish) a call
(archaic) an oral announcement, esp one made by town criers
a fit of weeping
(hunting) the baying of a pack of hounds hunting their quarry by scent
a pack of hounds
See a far cry
See in full cry