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Pronunciation of Credits: Learn how to pronounce Credits in English correctly

Learn how to say Credits correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word credit:

belief or trust; confidence; faith
(rare) the quality of being credible or trustworthy
the favorable estimate of a person’s character; reputation; good name
one’s influence based on one’s reputation
praise or approval to which one is entitled; commendation ⇒ to deserve credit for trying
a person or thing bringing approval or honor ⇒ a credit to the team
acknowledgment of work done or assistance given
([pl.]) a list of such acknowledgments in a film, television program, book, etc.
the amount of money remaining in a bank account, etc.
a sum of money made available by a bank, on which a specified person or firm may draw
such sums collectively
the acknowledgment of payment on a debt by entry of the amount in an account
the right-hand side of an account, where such amounts are entered
an entry on this side
the sum of such entries
sum deducted (from an amount owed) or added (as to a bank account) in making an adjustment
trust in one’s integrity in money matters and one’s ability to meet payments when due
one’s financial reputation or status
the time allowed for payment
permission to pay later for goods or services, or a system for doing so ⇒ a store that extends credit to its best customers
(US, education)
the certification of a student’s successful completion of a unit or course of study
a unit of work so certified
transitive verb
to believe in the truth, reliability, etc. of; trust
to give credit to or deserved commendation for
to give credit in a bank account, charge account, etc.
(rare) to bring honor to
(accounting) to enter on the credit side
(US, education) to enter a credit or credits on the record of (a student)