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Pronunciation of Creasing: Learn how to pronounce Creasing in English correctly

Learn how to say Creasing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crease:

1a line or ridge produced on paper or cloth by folding, pressing, or crushing:
khaki trousers with knife-edge creases
a wrinkle or furrow in the skin, especially of the face, caused by age or a particular facial expression:
stubble lines the creases of his face
2 Cricket any of a number of lines marked on the pitch at specified places. See popping crease, bowling crease, return crease.
(the crease) the position of a batsman during their innings:
England were 15 for 3 overnight, with Stewart and Russell at the crease
3 (the crease) an area around the goal in ice hockey or lacrosse which the players may not enter unless the puck or the ball has already done so:
he was caught in the crease without the puck
[with object]
1make a crease in (cloth or paper):
he sank into the chair, careful not to crease his dinner jacket
(as adjective creased)
a creased piece of paper
[no object] (of a facial feature) be marked by creases, typically as an expression of an emotion:
his eyes creased in amusement
2 (crease up or crease someone up) British informal burst out or cause to burst out laughing:
[no object]:
Jo could imitate anybody and always made him crease up
3British informal hit or punch (someone) hard:
clap or I’ll crease you
4(of a bullet) graze (someone or something):
a bullet creased his thigh

late 16th century: probably a variant of crest