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Pronunciation of Creamed: Learn how to pronounce Creamed in English correctly

Learn how to say Creamed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cream:

the oily, yellowish part of milk, which rises to the top and which may be separated: commercial cream contains 18% or more butterfat
any of various foods or confections made of cream or having a creamy consistency ⇒ ice cream
a cosmetic or emulsion with a creamy consistency
the best or finest part
the color of cream; yellowish white
containing cream; made of cream
having the consistency of cream; creamy
intransitive verb
to form into cream or a foamy substance
to form cream or a creamy foam on top
transitive verb
to remove the cream from
to remove, use, etc. the best part of
to add cream to
to cook with cream or a cream sauce
to beat into a creamy consistency; make into a creamy mixture
to let (milk) form cream
to separate as cream
(US, slang)
to beat, thrash, or defeat soundly
to hurt, damage, etc., as by striking with great force