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Pronunciation of Crashes: Learn how to pronounce Crashes in English correctly

Learn how to say Crashes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crash:

to make or cause to make a loud noise as of solid objects smashing or clattering
to fall or cause to fall with force, breaking in pieces with a loud noise as of solid objects smashing
(intransitive) to break or smash in pieces with a loud noise
(intransitive) to collapse or fail suddenly ⇒ this business is sure to crash
to cause (an aircraft) to hit land or water violently resulting in severe damage or (of an aircraft) to hit land or water in this way
to cause (a car, etc) to collide with another car or other object or (of two or more cars) to be involved in a collision
to move or cause to move violently or noisily ⇒ to crash through a barrier
(British, informal) short for gate-crash
(intransitive) (of a computer system or program) to fail suddenly and completely because of a malfunction
(intransitive) (slang) another term for crash out
See crash and burn
an act or instance of breaking and falling to pieces
a sudden loud noise ⇒ the crash of thunder
a collision, as between vehicles
a sudden descent of an aircraft as a result of which it hits land or water
the sudden collapse of a business, stock exchange, etc, esp one causing further financial failure
requiring or using intensive effort and all possible resources in order to accomplish something quickly ⇒ a crash programme
sudden or vigorous ⇒ a crash halt, a crash tackle
See crash-and-burn
See also
crash out
Derived Forms
ˈcrasher noun
Word Origin
C14: probably from crasen to smash, shatter + dasshen to strike violently, dash1; see craze