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Pronunciation of Cranks: Learn how to pronounce Cranks in English correctly

Learn how to say Cranks correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crank:

a device for communicating motion or for converting reciprocating motion into rotary motion or vice versa. It consists of an arm projecting from a shaft, often with a second member attached to it parallel to the shaft
Also called: crank handle, starting handle. a handle incorporating a crank, used to start an engine or motor
an eccentric or odd person, esp someone who stubbornly maintains unusual views
(US & Canadian) a bad-tempered person
(transitive) to rotate (a shaft) by means of a crank
(transitive) to start (an engine, motor, etc) by means of a crank handle
(transitive) to bend, twist, or make into the shape of a crank
(intransitive) (obsolete) to twist or wind
See also
crank up
Word Origin
Old English cranc; related to Middle Low German krunke wrinkle, Dutch krinkelcrinkle