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Pronunciation of Cranes: Learn how to pronounce Cranes in English correctly

Learn how to say Cranes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crane:

Word forms: plural cranes, crane
any of a family (Gruidae) of usually large gruiform wading birds with very long legs and neck, and a long, straight bill
(popularly) any of various unrelated birds, as herons and storks
any of various machines for lifting or moving heavy weights by means of a movable projecting arm or a horizontal beam traveling on an overhead support
any device with a swinging arm fixed on a vertical axis ⇒ a fireplace crane is used for holding a kettle
transitive verb, intransitive verb
Word forms: craned, ˈcraning
to raise or move with a crane
to stretch (the neck) as a crane does, as in straining to see over something