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Pronunciation of Cradles: Learn how to pronounce Cradles in English correctly

Learn how to say Cradles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cradle:

a baby’s small bed, usually on rockers
the earliest period of one’s life; infancy
the place of a thing’s beginning or early development ⇒ the cradle of civilization
(old-fashioned, poetic) a place of rest ⇒ rocked in the cradle of the deep
anything resembling a cradle or used somewhat like a cradle, as for holding or rocking (; specif.,)
wooden or metal framework to support or lift a boat, ship, aircraft, etc. that is being built or repaired
(US) creeper (sense 7)
the support on which the handset of a telephone (cradle telephone) rests when not in use
(agriculture) a frame fastened to a scythe (cradle scythe) so that the grain can be laid evenly as it is cut
(medicine) a frame for keeping bedclothes from touching an injured limb, etc.
(US, mining) a boxlike device on rockers, for washing the gold out of gold-bearing sand
transitive verb
Word forms: ˈcradled, ˈcradling
to place, rock, or hold in or as in a cradle
to take care of in infancy; nurture
to cut (grain) with a cradle scythe
(US, mining) to wash (gold-bearing sand) in a cradle
intransitive verb
(obsolete) to lie in or as in a cradle