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Pronunciation of Cradle: Learn how to pronounce Cradle in English correctly

Learn how to say Cradle correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cradle:

a baby’s bed with enclosed sides, often with a hood and rockers
a place where something originates or is nurtured during its early life ⇒ the cradle of civilization
the earliest period of life ⇒ they knew each other from the cradle
a frame, rest, or trolley made to support or transport a piece of equipment, aircraft, ship, etc
a platform, cage, or trolley, in which workmen are suspended on the side of a building or ship
the part of a telephone on which the handset rests when not in use
a holder connected to a computer allowing data to be transferred from a PDA, digital camera, etc
another name for creeper (sense 5)
a framework of several wooden fingers attached to a scythe to gather the grain into bunches as it is cut
a scythe equipped with such a cradle; cradle scythe
a collar of wooden fingers that prevents a horse or cow from turning its head and biting itself
Also called: rocker. a boxlike apparatus for washing rocks, sand, etc, containing gold or gem stones
(engraving) a tool that produces the pitted surface of a copper mezzotint plate before the design is engraved upon it
a framework used to prevent the bedclothes from touching a sensitive part of an injured person
See from the cradle to the grave
(transitive) to rock or place in or as if in a cradle; hold tenderly
(transitive) to nurture in or bring up from infancy
(transitive) to replace (the handset of a telephone) on the cradle
to reap (grain) with a cradle scythe
(transitive) to wash (soil bearing gold, etc) in a cradle
(lacrosse) to keep (the ball) in the net of the stick, esp while running with it
Derived Forms
ˈcradler noun
Word Origin
Old English cradol; related to Old High German kratto basket