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Pronunciation of Crack: Learn how to pronounce Crack in English correctly

Learn how to say Crack correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crack:

1a line on the surface of something along which it has split without breaking apart:
a hairline crack down the middle of the glass
a narrow space between two surfaces which have broken or been moved apart:
he climbed into a crack between two rocks
the door opened a tiny crack
a vulnerable point; a flaw:
the company spotted a crack in their rival’s defences
2a sudden sharp or explosive noise:
a loud crack of thunder
a sharp audible blow:
she gave the thief a crack over the head with her rolling pin
a sudden harshness or change in pitch in a person’s voice:
the boy’s voice had an uncertain crack in it
3 informal a joke, typically a critical or unkind one:
he knew about the gossip and would make the odd crack
4 (also craic) [mass noun] chiefly Irish enjoyable social activity; a good time:
he loved the crack, the laughing
[count noun] Scottish & Northern English a conversation:
they are having a great crack about shooting
5 [in singular] informal an attempt to achieve something:
I fancy having a crack at winning a fourth title
a chance to attack or compete with someone:
he wanted to have a crack at the enemy
6 (also crack cocaine) [mass noun] a potent hard crystalline form of cocaine broken into small pieces and inhaled or smoked:
he uses crack and cocaine
[as modifier]:
a crack dealer
1break or cause to break without a complete separation of the parts:
[no object]:
the ice all over the bog had cracked
[with object]:
take care not to crack the glass
break or cause to break open or apart:
[no object, with adverbial]:
a chunk of the cliff had cracked off in a storm
his face cracked into a smile
[with object]:
she cracked an egg into the frying pan
[with object] break (wheat or corn) into coarse pieces.
give way or cause to give way under torture, pressure, or strain:
[no object]:
the witnesses cracked and the truth came out
[with object]:
no one can crack them—they believe their cover story
2make or cause to make a sudden sharp or explosive sound:
[no object]:
a shot cracked across the ridge
[with object]:
he cracked his whip and galloped away
[no object] knock hard against something:
she winced as her knees cracked against metal
[with object] hit (someone or something) hard:
she cracked him across the forehead
[no object] (of a person’s voice) suddenly change in pitch, especially through strain:
‘I want to get away,’ she said, her voice cracking
3 [with object] informal find a solution to; decipher or interpret:
the code will help you crack the messages
break into (a safe).
4 [with object] tell (a joke):
he cracked jokes which she didn’t find very funny
5 [with object] decompose (hydrocarbons) by heat and pressure with or without a catalyst to produce lighter hydrocarbons, especially in oil refining:
catalytic cracking increases gasoline yields
very good or skilful:
he is a crack shot
crack troops