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Pronunciation of Couple: Learn how to pronounce Couple in English correctly

Learn how to say Couple correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word couple:

two people who regularly associate with each other or live together ⇒ an engaged couple
(functioning as singular or plural) two people considered as a pair, for or as if for dancing, games, etc
(mainly hunting)
a pair of collars joined by a leash, used to attach hounds to one another
two hounds joined in this way
the unit of reckoning for hounds in a pack ⇒ twenty and a half couple
a pair of equal and opposite parallel forces that have a tendency to produce rotation with a torque or turning moment equal to the product of either force and the perpendicular distance between them
two dissimilar metals, alloys, or semiconductors in electrical contact, across which a voltage develops See thermocouple
Also called: galvanic couple. two dissimilar metals or alloys in electrical contact that when immersed in an electrolyte act as the electrodes of an electrolytic cell
a connector or link between two members, such as a tie connecting a pair of rafters in a roof
See a couple of
(usually preceded by a; functioning as singular or plural) two; a pair ⇒ give him a couple
(transitive) to connect (two things) together or to connect (one thing) to (another) ⇒ to couple railway carriages
(transitive) to do (two things) simultaneously or alternately ⇒ he couples studying with teaching
to form or be formed into a pair or pairs
to associate, put, or connect together ⇒ history is coupled with sociology
to link (two circuits) by electromagnetic induction
(intransitive) to have sexual intercourse
to join or be joined in marriage; marry
(transitive) to attach (two hounds to each other)
Word Origin
C13: from Old French: a pair, from Latin cōpula a bond; see copula