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Pronunciation of Counts: Learn how to pronounce Counts in English correctly

Learn how to say Counts correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word count:

to add up or check (each unit in a collection) in order to ascertain the sum; enumerate ⇒ count your change
(transitive) to recite numbers in ascending order up to and including
(transitive) often foll by in to take into account or include ⇒ we must count him in
See not counting
(transitive) to believe to be; consider; think; deem ⇒ count yourself lucky
(intransitive) to recite or list numbers in ascending order either in units or groups ⇒ to count in tens
(intransitive) to have value, importance, or influence ⇒ this picture counts as a rarity
(intransitive) often foll by for to have a certain specified value or importance ⇒ the job counts for a lot
(intransitive) (music) to keep time by counting beats
the act of counting or reckoning
the number reached by counting; sum
(law) a paragraph in an indictment containing a distinct and separate charge
(physics) the total number of photons or ionized particles detected by a counter
See keep count
See lose count
(boxing, wrestling) the act of telling off a number of seconds by the referee, as when a boxer has been knocked down or a wrestler pinned by his opponent
See out for the count
See take the count
(archaic) notice; regard; account
See also
count against, countdown, count on, count out
Word Origin
C14: from Anglo-French counter, from Old French conter, from Latin computāre to calculate, compute