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Pronunciation of Count: Learn how to pronounce Count in English correctly

Learn how to say Count correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word count:

transitive verb
to name numbers in regular order to (a certain number) ⇒ to count five
to add up, one by one, by units or groups, so as to get a total ⇒ count the money
to check by numbering off; inventory
to take account of; include ⇒ six, counting me
to believe or take to be; consider ⇒ to count oneself fortunate
intransitive verb
to name numbers or add up items in order
to be taken into account; have importance, value, etc. ⇒ his opinions don’t count
to have a specified value (often with for) ⇒ a touchdown counts for six points
to rely or depend (on or upon)
(music) to keep time by counting the beats
the act of counting; adding or numbering
the number reached by counting; total number or quantity
a reckoning or accounting
(archaic) regard; notice; account
(baseball) the number of balls and strikes that have been pitched to the batter
(bowling) the number of pins knocked down by the first ball in a frame following a frame in which a spare or strike is scored: added to the score of the spare or strike of the preceding frame
(boxing) the counting of seconds up to ten, during which a boxer who has been knocked down must rise or lose the match
(law) any of the charges in an indictment, each of which gives a reason and is sufficient for prosecution