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Pronunciation of Could: Learn how to pronounce Could in English correctly

Learn how to say Could correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word could:

auxiliary verb
(pt. of) can1 ⇒ he gave what he could give
used as a modal auxiliary in verbal phrases with present or future time reference, generally equivalent to can1 in meaning and use, with the following functions:
expressing esp. a shade of doubt or a smaller degree of ability or possibility ⇒ it could be so
expressing permission ⇒ could I go?
forming the present conditional ⇒ it would help if he could wait
forming the past conditional ⇒ he would have left if he could
expressing or suggesting politely less certainty than can1 ⇒ could you wait?
intransitive verb
(pt. of) can1 ⇒ he gave what he could
transitive verb
(pt. of, obsolete) can1