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Pronunciation of Corridor: Learn how to pronounce Corridor in English correctly

Learn how to say Corridor correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word corridor:

a hallway or passage connecting parts of a building
a strip of land or airspace along the route of a road or river ⇒ the M1 corridor
a strip of land or airspace that affords access, either from a landlocked country to the sea (such as the Polish corridor, 1919-39, which divided Germany) or from a state to an exclave (such as the Berlin corridor, 1945–90, which passed through the former East Germany)
a passageway connecting the compartments of a railway coach
See corridors of power
a flight path that affords safe access for intruding aircraft
the path that a spacecraft must follow when re-entering the atmosphere, above which lift is insufficient and below which heating effects are excessive
Word Origin
C16: from Old French, from Old Italian corridore, literally: place for running, from correre to run, from Latin currere