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Pronunciation of Correctly: Learn how to pronounce Correctly in English correctly

Learn how to say Correctly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word correctly:

without mistakes ⇒ if I have guessed their intentions correctly ⇒ as you correctly surmised ⇒ She correctly predicted the outcome of the trial. ⇒ Did I pronounce your name correctly? ⇒ I hope I spelled his name correctly. ⇒ You have to correctly answer each question.
in the correct manner ⇒ If correctly executed, this shot will give him a better chance of getting the ball close to the hole. ⇒ He had carried out some electrical work correctly. ⇒ The device wasn’t transmitting correctly.
in accordance with rules and procedures ⇒ The High Court of Parliament began very correctly with a prayer for the Queen. ⇒ When an accident happens, quite correctly questions are asked. ⇒ Children will learn to behave correctly if their mistakes are punished.