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Pronunciation of Correct: Learn how to pronounce Correct in English correctly

Learn how to say Correct correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word correct:

verb (transitive)
to make free from errors
to indicate the errors in
to rebuke or punish in order to set right or improve ⇒ to correct a child, to stand corrected
to counteract or rectify (a malfunction, ailment, etc) ⇒ these glasses will correct your sight
to adjust or make conform, esp to a standard
free from error; true; accurate ⇒ the correct version
in conformity with accepted standards ⇒ correct behaviour
Derived Forms
corˈrectable, corˈrectible adjective
corˈrectly adverb
corˈrectness noun
corˈrector noun
Word Origin
C14: from Latin corrigere to make straight, put in order, from com- (intensive) + regere to rule