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Pronunciation of Corral: Learn how to pronounce Corral in English correctly

Learn how to say Corral correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word corral:

verb (corrals, corralling, corralled)
[with object]
1gather together and confine (a group of people or things):
the organizers were corralling the crowd into marching formation
2chiefly North American put or keep (livestock) in a corral:
sheep and goats grazed the plains during the day but they were corralled at night
historical form (wagons) into a corral:
the wagons, in forming the encampment, were corralled
North American
1a pen for livestock, especially cattle or horses, on a farm or ranch:
he was galloping a pony very fast round a tiny corral
historical a defensive enclosure formed of wagons in an encampment.

late 16th century: from Spanish and Old Portuguese (now curral), perhaps based on Latin currere ‘to run’. Compare with kraal