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Pronunciation of Corks: Learn how to pronounce Corks in English correctly

Learn how to say Corks correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cork:

the thick light porous outer bark of the cork oak, used widely as an insulator and for stoppers for bottles, casks, etc
a piece of cork or other material used as a stopper
an angling float
Also called: phellem (botany) a protective layer of dead impermeable cells on the outside of the stems and roots of woody plants, produced by the outer layer of the cork cambium
made of cork related adjective suberose
verb (transitive)
to stop up (a bottle, cask, etc) with or as if with a cork; fit with a cork
(often followed by up) to restrain ⇒ to cork up the emotions
to black (the face, hands, etc) with burnt cork
Derived Forms
ˈcorkˌlike adjective
Word Origin
C14: probably from Arabic qurq, from Latin cortex bark, especially of the cork oak